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Embrace Thyself

Reiki for Wholeness

Invite the magical flow of Reiki and Wu Ji gong into your life. Education and treatment in Helsingborg.

Are you longing to achieve a more harmonious sense of wholeness within Yourself? Then you have come here for a reason!

I offer Reiki treatments, as well as courses in Reiki and Wu Ji gong, energy practitioners that are easy to learn, uncomplicated to use in everyday life and that effectively form a bridge that cultivates a more powerful spiritual presence integrated into the body. When we support our body and inner essence to unity, we can more easily live our lives in a flow. Both forms work in their own way with the transmutation of imbalances and strengthen your own ability to heal and reach deeper into yourself. Do you feel called?

"More than 10 years ago, I took this photograph when, for a few seconds, a swan unfolded its wings in front of me. I was taken by its grandeur and the inner harmony with itself and with everything around that it radiated in the transformation. There and then I was reminded of the capacity of all of us for transformation and decided to cultivate this process, which I believe is about embracing and integrating all parts of ourselves until we are whole". Sanne Jakobsson

The swan is a symbol of the soul, in some cultures for The Great Spirit and reminds us to awaken to our inherent power, beauty, wisdom and purity among other things.
Sanne Jakobsson

My experience is that the more we integrate the soul and deeper aspects of our innermost essence while being centered in our body, the more life force we have access to. Among other things, this strengthens our ability to harmoniously navigate in balance with the greater creative force and increases our general well-being.

I hope you will use these practices to take you to a new, deeper and unknown level of yourself!


Strengthen your own ability to heal and restore yourself!


An effective and modern treatment method with Japanese roots for relaxation, pain and much more! Reiki flows the second we only think about it and its universal intelligence works holistically with the causes behind problems/imbalances. Receive a Reiki treatment or take a course and learn to easily give yourself or others Reiki. I teach from beginner level to teacher level (Master) in Holy Fire® III World Peace Usui Reiki, as well as train in the deepening branch Karuna Reiki® Master.

Wu Ji gong

Wu Ji Gong

Experience noticeable vitality, inner peace and deep connection with your inner essence that is strengthened with the practice of this simple 20 minute qigong form!

An over 800 year old form that combines tai chi, feng shui, chi kung and inner alchemy in a sacred and gentle dance of movement with the cosmic forces designed to step into the present, into the greatest mystery (called "Wu Ji"). The movements of the four cardinal points initiate deep transformation health-wise at all levels of your life and support you to deeply cultivate the life force in your body.

What are others saying?


Reiki course

Very committed and careful set-up and delivery. Very responsive and empathetic in the event of ambiguities. Pleasant, positive and generous treatment, which gave the course a personal touch.

- Tommy

Reiki course

Sanne is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and she shows great commitment to her students. No questions are left unanswered and you feel well taken care of. I have completed Sannes' courses to Master's level and I am so satisfied. If you are going to take a Holy Fire® Reiki course, I can highly recommend Sannes courses.

- Annecharlotte

Reiki course

The Reiki course exceeded my expectations. Also experienced that my medial ability was strengthened. The Holy Fire® placement (initiation) and experiences were amazing. Thank you Sanne for your commitment!

- Michael

Reiki course

I have completed Reiki stages I and II and am very satisfied! Sanne made the courses very exciting and educational with her personal commitment and knowledge. It felt safe that even after the courses she was available for further questions and concerns. I am so satisfied and will book more courses with her in the future.

- Charlotte

Reiki treatment
I've had neck and head pain after a car accident 25 years ago. After a 30-minute Reiki treatment remotely all pain and tension disappeared. It's been two months and the pain hasn't come back. Thank you, Sanne!

- Thomas

Reiki course
I am very grateful that I chose to take a course with Sanne when I felt that there was no prestige or achievement but you were given the chance to learn in peace and quiet. There was time for questions and discussions and that Sanne follows up after the courses in a very nice way and pushes and supports one in his own practice and development. It is also nice to be able to take the ART course for yourself during one day for extra filling and that it is not stressed in with a lot of knowledge before you take to the basics.

- Alexandra

Reiki treatment

I contacted Sanne for help with my 9-year-old son, who for many years had difficulty falling asleep. Bedtimes took at least an hour every night and over the years we had tried all kinds of techniques to help him fall asleep. Sanne sent Reiki remotely and most of the time he fell asleep in the process. After a few times the problems had disappeared. He now falls asleep on his own in his bed within 20 minutes and sleeps through the night. I warmly recommend both adults and children who have difficulty falling asleep at night to contact Sanne. We are so glad we dared to try it 😊

- Matilda

Reiki treatment

Holy Fire® Reiki with Sanne is a very soft and effective tool for physical balance but also personal and spiritual development. A Holy Fire® experience is simple, but surprisingly very effective when it comes to personal development. Sanne intuitively knows what the client needs in the moment and is a completely open channel. I can warmly recommend her.

- Marie Louise (5).jpg

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How I healed Lyme disease with Wu Ji Gong and Reiki!

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