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Holy Fire Reiki Helsingborg

Reiki is a path of spiritual growth, awakening us to the divine within
-William Rand.

What is Holy Fire® Usui Reiki?

Holy Fire® Usui Reiki is a spiritual energy that purifies, heals, strengthens and guides us. The method combines the Japanese Usui Reiki and Holy Fire®, two frequencies of healing light that both come from the source of unconditional love where everything is One. In 2014, Holy Fire® came to develop Usui Reiki to offer a new frequency for our healing on Earth.

Although Holy Fire® Reiki is spiritual in nature as love and compassion form an important part of the practice, the method is not a religion or belongs to any belief system.

Holy Fire® is demonstrating so many more qualities and benefits and is more refined and coming from a higher level of consciousness than any other healing energy we have experienced. (William Rand).

What distinguishes Holy Fire® Reiki?

Properties of the Holy Fire® Reiki

  • Develops patience, self-confidence, vitality, optimism, enthusiasm, trust, peace, joy and, not least, love for yourself and others.

  • Heals quickly and effectively

  • Releases worry and replaces it with a sense of security

  • Respects free will.

The initiations on the course have become more efficient and simplified because they are now done directly by the Holy Fire® source. Thus, they are no longer done with the teacher's involvement as in, for example, the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki branch.

Over the years Holy Fire® has been upgraded in frequency and consciousness raising. In March 2022, the 5th upgrade took place which is called Holy Fire® III World Peace. Read more about Holy Fire® via ( ICRT) .


Reiki as health care in Sweden

In Sweden, Reiki is approved as preventive and rehabilitative health care by the Swedish Tax Agency. This means that you, as an employee, can receive a Reiki treatment or attend a training course (for self-help) for wellness purposes, which is deductible for the employer. However, it is up to each employer to decide how the grant may be used. Even those who are on long-term sick leave have a chance to receive compensation for treatment and course costs from the Social Insurance Agency. However, whether such an application is granted varies in different parts of Sweden.


Reiki is to see through and remind us of our divine true source. As we discover and open more to this, our lives will be transformed. This state of counsciousness is recogniced by all religions and spiritual practices and can surround and guide each one of us. 

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