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Om Sanne

Your journey of growth will never be a straight path! Flow like a river into an ocean of abundance -Amanda Norman.

About Sanne

I invited Wu Ji gong and Reiki into my life in 2012 when I was in a deep exhaustion depression. During this time I felt cut off from my inner self and experienced my life had no meaning. Here began my exploration of a deeper path to embrace my whole self - live my full potential. It's a process in my opinion in which we need to transform our wounds (imbalances on several levels) and develope self-love and acceptance to be able to integrate and heal on all levels.


Over the years I have tried several different healing methods, everything from homeopathy, shiatsu, shamanism to dream work. For me, Wu Ji gong and Reiki are tools that are easy to learn and powerful to use in everyday life and that continue to touch me with their ability to guide, transmute and heal.


My incentives are to inspire and support you so that you yourself deeply and effectively learn tools that can dissolve and heal personal and deeper imbalances and awaken your self-love. This process develops vitality, strengthened health and ground you to a state of deeper inner harmony and well-being. When you get in touch with yourself, your self-awareness increases and you will find the answers to your own questions within yourself.


My wish is that you get the opportunity

and choose to live to your full potential.

IMG_E3367 comp.jpg (5).jpg



Wu Ji gong lärarutbildning, Andrew Fretwell (


Wu Ji gong fördjupning, Andrew Fretwell

Reiki Master upgrade, Holy Fire®III World Peace Reiki (V), William Rand, USA



Reiki Master upgrade, Holy Fire®Online Reiki (IV), William Rand, USA 


Reiki Master upgrade Holy Fire®III, William Rand, USA


Karuna Reiki Master, enl. Holy Fire® II, Reikikliniken, Sverige


Reiki ART/Master enl. Holy Fire® II, England


Reiki steg 1&2 enl. Holy Fire® II, Sverige


Wu Ji gong fördjupning, Andrew Fretwell

Wu Ji gong grundkurs, Sverige

Reiki steg 1, Usui Reiki Shiki Ryoho, Sverige


Member of the United Reiki Association, Sweden

Vision Quest

To take a deeper step closer to a calling  

"In 2016, my soul was ready to go out into nature in silence, isolation and wholeness to search both within myself and the wisdom of nature for power, guidance and healing. Momo Jord asked if I would share my Vision Quest in Bali , a ceremony originally a traditional ritual primarily associated with North American Indian cultures". Read ARTICLE HERE

Film about the water element

Film - The Water element

Water represents creation itself, power, creativity, willpower and effortless progress.

trä elementet.jpg

Movie - The wood element

Wood represents everything that grows, expands, enriches, warms and multiplies!

Sanne Jakobsson

My passion for all forms of photography of nature has for several years supported me to be more present in the moment and each image (and film) is a self-portrait in a moment that reflects what I feel, think and how my soul experiences the world beyond words.

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